Regional Comprehensive Cancer Control

The Kentucky Cancer Consortium (KCC) focuses on multi-regional and state-level efforts in cancer control. KCC is funded through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program. The Kentucky Cancer Program (KCP) is a state-funded, university-affiliated, and community-based regional cancer control program, whose efforts are focused on the regional and local level.

KCP operates through a network of 13 regional offices staffed by cancer control specialists who provide leadership on cancer prevention and control initiatives for all of Kentucky’s 120 counties. KCP works closely with the Kentucky Cancer Registry and 15 District Cancer Councils across the state to analyze local cancer data, identify and prioritize the community’s cancer needs, and develop interventions/solutions. KCP is jointly administered by the University of Kentucky Lucille Parker Markey Cancer Center and the University of Louisville James Graham Brown Cancer Center. The partnership between the two major academic institutions enables KCP activities to be based on science, driven by the latest and most accurate cancer data, and interwoven with research efforts.

KCC and KCP work in collaboration to coordinate and implement the Cancer Action Plan.