About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Kentucky Cancer Consortium shall be to achieve significant reductions in the incidence, morbidity and mortality of cancer among the citizens of Kentucky through a comprehensive, integrated and coordinated approach to cancer control. This approach covers the cancer continuum from prevention, early detection, treatment and care, through quality of life.

What is the Kentucky Cancer Consortium?

The Consortium is Kentucky’s state comprehensive cancer control coalition – a statewide partnership of 70+ diverse organizations united to reduce the burden of cancer in Kentucky. Pooling information, ideas, skills and strategies, this partnership of organizations develops and implements cancer control initiatives that will decrease the suffering and deaths due to cancer for all Kentuckians. See our key messages.

What does the Kentucky Cancer Consortium do?

The Consortium provides a common forum for like-minded organizations to take collective action. Through group consensus at Consortium meetings, statewide cancer control events, and evaluation, the Consortium determines common priorities, prevents overlap, maximizes resources, and evaluates impact. The Kentucky Cancer Action Plan and the Kentucky Cancer Resource Plan guides its priorities.

What is the role of Consortium Members?

Members assess changing cancer control needs, set priorities, participate in meetings and conference calls, and share resources and knowledge with one another. Ultimately, Consortium members do more together than they ever could by working on their own.

How do individual members stay connected?

The Consortium keeps the information flowing via face-to-face meetings, Wednesday’s Word, email, interactive webinars, and website resources. Program staff provide technical assistance and lead teams and networks.

How can I get involved?

To inquire about membership or learn more about active teams and networks and current Consortium priorities, contact Elaine Russell, Program Director, Kentucky Cancer Consortium.

How does the Consortium fit in with the National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funds and supports the Consortium as Kentucky’s comprehensive cancer control coalition. We are one of the 65 state, tribal and territorial programs participating in the national CDC program, the National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program.