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Welcome to the Kentucky Cancer Consortium

The Kentucky Cancer Consortium (KCC) is Kentucky's statewide comprehensive cancer control coalition and is designated as the bonafide agent by the Kentucky Department for Public Health to receive the National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as one of 65 state, tribal and territorial programs. KCC is comprised of more than 70 Kentucky organizations committed to reducing the significant cancer burden in our state. Cancer is too big and complex a problem for any one group to address efficiently. Comprehensive Cancer Control offers the power of collaboration as a key approach to reducing cancer

The KCC is charged with maintaining Kentucky's Cancer Action Plan, which outlines goals and strategies for cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, and quality of life. KCC efforts are focused on cancer-related issues that are shared by the entire state. Regional comprehensive cancer control efforts are coordinated by the Kentucky Cancer Program.

The Consortium provides a common forum for like-minded organizations to take collective action. Members assess changing cancer control needs, set priorities and share resources and knowledge with one another. Ultimately, Consortium members do more together than they ever could by working on their own.

Explore this site to learn more about the cancer control effort currently underway in Kentucky and how YOU can be a part of it.


Lung Cancer Stigma: Changing the Conversation Around a Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Did you miss the Lung Cancer Stigma webinar we held on May 23, 2017?  Would you like to share it with others? Click here to download the recording.

This webinar focused on recognizing the impact of stigma on lung cancer survivors and their loved ones and discussing strategies for dealing with stigma. This was "Part 1" and we will be developing a "Part 2" very soon. We will keep you posted on details.

The Kentucky Cancer Summit was held March 1-2, 2017 in Louisville. Download presentations from this statewide event here.

Two of KCC's cancer burden data fact sheets have been updated.

View the colon cancer and lung cancer snapshots.

The Kentucky Cancer Consortium hosted a webinar in January highlighting radon and lung cancer.

The slides from the presentation are now available: KCC, KARP, and KDPH Joint Presentation; and the BREATHE, Radon Policy Research Program and UK College of Nursing Program Joint Presentation.

Kentucky Cancer Consortium Member Evaluation

Check out our KCC Member Evaluation Summary from 2015-2016. This provides an overview of recommended priorities and next steps for KCC.

KCC's Lung Cancer Communication Toolkit

Check out the KCC Lung Cancer Network's Communication Toolkit released on October 27, 2016. Please use it within your organizations and share it with your partners.

New Tools for Caregivers

KCC's ACA and Cancer Team has recently developed new tools that are designed to support caregivers of those with cancer in finding answers on where to get help in paying for cancer treatment and care for their loved ones.

Kentucky "State of the State" Cancer Control Data Webinar

The Burden of Cancer in Kentucky (2000 - 2013)

ACA and Cancer New and Updated Documents

ACA y Cáncer Versión Pública Detallada en Español - Updated November 10, 2016
ACA y Cáncer Versión Pública Básica en Español - Updated November 10, 2016
ACA and Cancer Español (Spanish) - Updated November 10, 2016
ACA and Cancer Basic Public Version - Updated November 10, 2016
ACA and Cancer Detailed Public Version - Updated November 10, 2016
ACA and Cancer Health Professionals Version - Updated November 10, 2016

Pathfinders: The Kentucky Cancer Program (KCP)

BOTH KCP-East & KCP-West-has launched an easy-to-use online tool with the capacity to search for cancer resources in local communities, counties, the state, & across the nation. For more information about Pathfinder and the Kentucky Cancer Program visit Kentucky Cancer Program, or contact the KCP Regional Cancer Control Specialist serving that area.

Nutrition, Physical Activity, Excess Weight/Obesity and Cancer Risk

Foundation Aims to Fund Cancer Services

The Kentucky Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to ensure that all Kentucky citizens have access to life-saving preventative and early detection cancer services, regardless of their financial situation. Their work supports the priorities of the Kentucky Cancer Action Plan and Resource Plan.