Lung Cancer Network

We believe every Kentuckian can be free from tobacco-related disease.
We believe in protecting all Kentuckians from secondhand smoke and radon.
We believe lung cancer screening can save lives.
We believe in a Kentucky without lung cancer.

For more information on the Lung Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Network, contact KCC Co-Investigator Dr. Jennifer Redmond Knight.

Our next meeting will be focused on the KY LEADS Collaborative via webinar on Thursday, October 18th from 11 am - 12 pm EST. Zoom link is:

The next overall KCC Lung Cancer Network meeting via webinar will be on Thursday, October 8th from 10:30 am - 12:00 pm. Zoom link is:

The Kentucky Cancer Consortium Lung Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Network provides a forum for coordination and collaboration to impact lung cancer in Kentucky. This Network is focusing on reducing environmental risk (radon and secondhandsmoke), reducing smoking and increasing the percentage of Kentuckians at high risk for lung cancer who are detected at an early stage. The first initiative of this network was to develop clear, unified messages on these areas of lung cancer prevention and early detection to educate the public, community leaders, healthcare professionals, healthcare system leaders and policymakers regarding lung cancer prevention and early detection. We are currently focused on supporting implementation of new tobacco treatment legislation as well as working together on other tobacco policy, system and environmental changes.


KCC Summits

The 2018 Kentucky Cancer Summit: Cancer Policy in the Commonwealth was held on August 23rd at the Kentucky Science Center in Louisville. Review the speakers' presentations here.

HPV Poster and Flyer

Cancer Data Webinar

KCC hosted a webinar on April 25th, 2018 entitled, “Using Cancer Data in Kentucky”, with speakers Dr. Tom tucker (KCR), Dr. Jaclyn McDowell (KCR) and Dr. Sarojini Kanotra (KyBRFS). View the archived webinar here.

Kentucky Factsheets

The Kentucky Cancer Consortium and their partners have developed 2 fact sheets outlining the state's cancer data trends in both colorectal and lung cancer. These informative 2-page briefs show progress, challenges, and opportunities for action. Share with your partners!

Presentations for Your Next Events

Utilize this PowerPoint presentation at your next health education event, or print this postcard sentiment in your local media, thanking health care providers and community champions for their efforts in increasing colorectal cancer screening rates in Kentucky.

HPV and Cancer Webinar

KCC hosted a webinar in January 2018 on "HPV and Cancer", with Dr. Emily Messerli from the University of Kentucky's College of Nursing. Listen to the archived presentation here.

Tobacco Treatment in Kentucky: Best Practices Webinar

On January, 24, 2018, KCC hosted a webinar featuring Dr. Audrey Darville who provided an overview of the latest best practices for tobacco treatment, information about the BREATHE online Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training opportunity and some policy recommendations. Click here to watch the recording.

KCC's Lung Cancer Communication Toolkit

Check out the KCC Lung Cancer Network's Communication Toolkit released on November 3, 2017. Please use it within your organizations and share it with your partners.

Tools for Caregivers

KCC's ACA and Cancer Team has recently developed new tools that are designed to support caregivers of those with cancer in finding answers on where to get help in paying for cancer treatment and care for their loved ones.

Kentucky "State of the State" Cancer Control Data Webinar

The Burden of Cancer in Kentucky (2000 - 2013)

ACA and Cancer New and Updated Documents

ACA y Cáncer Versión Pública Detallada en Español - Updated November 10, 2016
ACA y Cáncer Versión Pública Básica en Español - Updated November 10, 2016
ACA and Cancer Español (Spanish) - Updated November 10, 2016
ACA and Cancer Basic Public Version - Updated November 10, 2016
ACA and Cancer Detailed Public Version - Updated November 10, 2016
ACA and Cancer Health Professionals Version - Updated November 10, 2016

Pathfinders: The Kentucky Cancer Program (KCP)

BOTH KCP-East & KCP-West-has launched an easy-to-use online tool with the capacity to search for cancer resources in local communities, counties, the state, & across the nation. For more information about Pathfinder and the Kentucky Cancer Program visit Kentucky Cancer Program, or contact the KCP Regional Cancer Control Specialist serving that area.

Nutrition, Physical Activity, Excess Weight/Obesity and Cancer Risk

Foundation Aims to Fund Cancer Services

The Kentucky Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to ensure that all Kentucky citizens have access to life-saving preventative and early detection cancer services, regardless of their financial situation. Their work supports the priorities of the Kentucky Cancer Action Plan and Resource Plan.